Our aspiration of Orthomed Massage Clinic is to educate society of the many benefits
and types of massage therapy that are available. Clinical and treatment approached
massage is specialized and unlike any other traditional massage experience.  Our team
of professionals strive to help guide our clients to understand the practicality and
benefits of consistent massage treatments. It is our mission to help people understand
why a preventative wellness program should be in the forefront of every individuals
health goals. There are a variety of massage modalities accessible to you at our clinic.
It is our commitment to help you understand what "clinical" massage is and decide
what the best treatment is for your individual needs.

Orthomed Massage Clinic wants to make it easy for you to begin your treatments with
us. Once educated and your questions answered, you'll likely want to begin regular
treatment. We pride ourselves in providing an atmosphere unlike any traditional spa.  
Our office environment is a clinical setting with a warm holistic feel.  No incense, no
fluffy slippers, no white robes, just great treatment by skilled massage professionals to
get you back on your feet again!
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269 West Main Street (Rt 20)
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Orthomed Massage Clinic | 269 West Main Street Northborough MA 01532 |     508.466-8257
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