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As the age of healthcare matures, modern medicine  has begun to
take on a new image. An increased number of medical doctors are
seeing massage therapy as a beneficial adjunct to their own practice.
Hospitals throughout the United States have begun to initiate their   
own massage therapy and bodywork programs. With this  increased
demand on the field of massage, it has become crucial that bodywork
professionals seek higher education in order to maintain credibility in
the field of healthcare.  Bodywork professionals are now working
hand in hand  with a variety of healthcare professional ranging from  
Chiropractors and General Practitioners to Surgeons and  Physical
Therapists. This integration of healthcare is  going to help us press
onward into the next millenium. The union of eastern and western
medicine brings us one step closer to understanding the human body
and all of its intricacies. Help support the merging between eastern
and western philosophy for better living!     
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