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"Orthomed ROCKS!!!  There are loads of things
that can immobilize a person, leading to chronic
pain and loss of productivity.  I was suffering
from side effects of chemotherapy and went to
Orthomed after 2 years of painful plantar
fasciitis.  I was pain free after the first few visits
and have sent many of my friends, relatives and
patients to see the folks at Orthomed.  They are
professional and compassionate, confident and
accurate.  There is NOTHING more valuable than
your health.  Being able to function normally on a
daily basis is a gift when you have had that ability
threatened by an illness or its treatment!
I give Orthomed my very highest
Noreen F.- Nurse Practictioner-
Worcester MA

"Orthomed changed my life.  Before I started
seeing Maryann four years ago, I took Motrin
daily to control my back pain. Now I go every
other week for 'maintenance' and I am
medication-free for back related pain.  Maryann is
truly gifted in being able to identify the source of
your pain and working it out.  Amanda is also
great for serious body work.  I cannot
recommend Orthomed highly enough to anyone
who needs deep body work."
Annie W- Shrewsbury MA

"My therapist is a phenomenal massage therapist.
I am a triathlete coach and send all of my
athletes to her.  She has kept us healthy and
injury free.  Thanks!"
-Diane S.- Triathlete
Coach-  Northborough MA

"My massage therapist is amazing.  Her diagnosis
and treatments skills helped me with a nagging
injury that PT alone was not able to relieve me of
the pain.  Her patience and attention allowed me
to resume a full training schedule and get back to
racing.  I consider her an important part of my
ongoing training program."
Mary P-North Grosvenor Dale, CT

"I had a painful condition called frozen shoulder.
The medication and physical therapy that my
doctor prescribed weren't helping me. I started
going to Orthomed. My therapist got my shoulder
moving again and really loosened up the joint to
where I now have full range of motion. And
because I am on the computer for most of the
day at work, I continue to go once a month for
tuneups of my neck and shoulders
My therapist is professional, respectful, engaging,
caring and friendly. She really cares about my
physical and emotional well being. I highly
recommend Orthomed!"
Cynthia P-
Northborough MA

" Awesome experience every time you visit! I
have had many different injuries and nagging,
chronic pain and my massage therapist listens
and responds to my needs! She has gotten me
through many tough weeks and allows me to
maintain my workout regime! Her deep tissue
massage is not a luxury, but a necessity! I highly
recommend OrthoMed!!"
Tracy H.-  
Shrewsbury MA

"I absolutely love deep tissue massage. I have   
a superb therapist. I went to her on the advice of
a good friend because I was having increased
problems with walking (foot, knee and hip pain)
due to a 30 year old accident. Wonderful relief
both before and after reconstructive foot surgery.
I'm now heading to a hip replacement and
counting on her to help me recover."
Lyn S.- Worcester MA

"My massage therapist at Orthomed is an
amazing diagnostician.  After many visits to my
doctor and damaging PT, I could not sleep at
night because of the back pain, and the constant
daily pain was getting more unbearable.  My
daughter gave me her appointment, and after the
therapist worked on me, I was pain free for the
first time in nine months.  My problem was
multi-faceted, involving back, hip, IT band, and
knee, and her analysis and treatment made a
huge difference in my life.  I continue to
appreciate her skills and visit monthly to "keep
everything in working order."   She is my miracle
worker, and I refer her to everyone I know.".
Judy R. - Marlborough MA

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Orthomed Massage Clinic
Clinical Massage: Medissage
Prenatal/Postnatal Massage:
Relaxation Massage/Swedish
Sports Massage:
Non-member pricing: New Client Intro Rate: $75 - 60 mins
[60 mins- $85]  [75mins- $95]    [90 mins- $120]
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Medical Massage:
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Orthomed Massage Clinic | 269 West Main Street Northborough MA 01532 |     508.466-8257
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Non-member pricing: New Client Intro Rate: $75 - 60 mins
[60 mins- $85]  [75mins- $95]    [90 mins- $120]
Non-member pricing: New Client Intro Rate: $75 - 60 mins
[60 mins- $85]  [75mins- $95]    [90 mins- $120]
Non-member pricing: New Client Intro Rate: $75 - 60 mins
[60 mins- $85]  [75mins- $95]    [90 mins- $120]
The primary difference between clinical and medical massage
therapy is prescription for massage therapy services by your
medical doctor. Medical Massage therapy is a treatment
approached specialized manual therapy to a focal site of soft tissue injury by physician
diagnosis. Treatment program and treatment frequency is determined by your medical

We will work with your health insurance company for payment of service. Current
insurance policies accepted are Workman's Comp Insurance, PIP auto
accident/collision, Med Pay. All Medical Massage Services require pre-authorization of
payment of service before treatment begins. Please contact our office for a phone

Pre-Natal Massage - This modality is performed
with the client on her side, supported   through
the length of her body with firm bolsters and
pillows, and is designed to aid  with sleep,
digestion, physical pains, and the proprioceptive
issues that accompany each specific trimester.
The work can range from light-to medium pressure, and focuses on such problems as
swelling, sciatic pain, and low back pain. As you get closer to "the big day", your
massage therapist will work to assist the natural stretching of tissues and to prepare
your muscles for delivery.

Post-Natal Massage - This modality is designed to help the body's recovery process
and to give relief to the new mother from sleep deprivation and the neck-and-shoulder  
aches associated with nursing and carrying a newborn. This work can range from
light   to deep pressure and focuses on strengthening muscle tissue, assisting
circulation, and regaining normal posture and weight-bearing within the body's
framework. Your therapist can also address any concerns you have about re-starting
your normal exercise routine and help you achieve your recovery goals.
While Swedish massage has some commonly
recognized therapeutic effects, it is generally
known as relaxation massage. The primary
outstanding characteristics to this treatment session
consist of light pressure and gliding strokes. Treatment focus is to increase
circulation, improve well being, and overall relaxation..

* back injury                                                * Sciatica
* neck injury                                               * herniation/disc dysfunction                     
* structural imbalance                               * fibromyalgia
* stress/pain dysfunction                           * shoulder injury
*  plantar faciaitis                                       * myofascial restriction
* IT band syndrome                                   * piriformis syndrome
* Chronic Pain/Fatigue Syndrome         * Migraines

Adding clinical massage to your health care is a comprehensive approach to addressing
your physical dysfunction needs. Orthomed often works in conjunction with your medical
doctor, chiropractor, and/or physical therapist.  This treatment consists of deep tissue
muscular therapy combined with myofascial release to address adhesion and scar tissue
associated with structural injury, pain syndrome, and soft tissue dysfunction. Treatment
includes structural analysis, stretching, range of motion. Your treatment plan will be
discussed with you on increasing awareness of physical habitual holding patterns, your
ergonomic environment,  physical limitations and decreased range of motion.  
Additionally, you will be provided with a stretching education program based on relevant
limitations. After this session you  will feel relaxed, energized, and on your way to
functioning pain free.  

* ideal for sports injury and maintenance:
* triathletes
*Marathon runners
*physical rehabilitation program
*sports enthusiasts
*pre and post event treatment

Deep Tissue Sports Massage consists of treatment approached muscular therapy
with focus on sports injury and muscular management.  Repetitive strain through
muscular activity often results in pain syndrome caused from muscle tension,  
imbalance, weakness and structural misalignment. This treatment consists of deep
tissue manipulation performed to soft tissue combining a variety of techniques
including; deep tissue, myofascial release,muscle energy technique and assisted  
release. Includes: muscular analysis, stretching, and range of motion. The therapist
will discuss your treatment plan, injury prevention, and help recommend or modify
your stretching program.             
Pediatric / Youth Massage:
40 minutes:  $60.00                     Ages 6-17
Children and teens will be accompanied by a
parent or legal guardian.  We will perform
muscle testing based on the information you
and your child provide to us.  We will talk to
your child to gain insight, on where he/she
feels tight and or sore. We will determine if
discomfort, pain, or cramps occur during or
after sports.
Your child's clothing will remain on at all times
and it is suggested the child be clothed in
Shorts and tank top as to access the affected
area. Our therapists work to make the child
feel comfortable and are aware that
sometimes he/she becomes used to the
practitioner. Using light to medium pressure,
we will engage your child into an enjoyable
session by using sport and clinical massage
therapy technique, resistance stretches, as
well as passive and active stretches. We will
spend some time showing your child how to
properly stretch and teach them why it is so
important.  Your child will learn about their
muscles and how to keep them healthy,
strong, and body aware .After your completed
session, we will develop a wellness plan that
is specific to your child's needs. You, as a
parent, will notice less complaints of achy,
sore muscles. You will notice faster recovery
from injury and overall increased endurance
and performance.