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Flexibility Training
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Orthomed Massage Clinic
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A stretching program is incorporated into an Orthomed massage session.

The proper flexibility program performed into a daily routine can relieve the
symptoms of stress that we encounter frequently. When the human body is
flexible, we are capable of achieving tasks with much greater ease. Doing
proper stretching and range of motion techniques on a daily basis can prevent
injuries from occurring and alleviate common aches and pains. Flexibility is not
in anyway limited to the athlete. It is imperative that we all recognize the
importance and the ease of doing proper stretching. Stretching is the easiest
form of exercise. It requires no specific environment, nor does it inhibit our
daily regiment. The implementation of a flexibility program both at the work place
and during recreational activity can be the difference between reoccurring
aches and pains and a productive pain free day. However, stretching is only
beneficial when done properly. In order to increase ones flexibility, you must set
aside several minutes each day. You must also learn how to stretch gradually
using the proper techniques. In order to achieve flexibility you must learn the
proper stretch necessary to achieve your specific goal. If not done properly,
injuries can occur. Our therapists have specific training in Stretching
Techniques for both work and play.
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